About Aayers Flooring




In 2012, AAYERS Flooring becomes incorporated in Kent WA. We were born with 12 years experience already because our Holding company has been producing quality lumbers and world class floorings since 2000. 
Thanks to our ownership, AAYERS inherited expertise in producing stylish and quality solid and engineered hardwood floors, and all our products have been very well accepted in the market.
We take pride in using quality materials, state-of-the-art equipment and exacting safety and quality control measures to ensure that every customer receives the highest quality product. 
We are committed to redefining the look of floors and beautifying interior spaces, offering product value, sustainable flooring solutions and incredible style options.
At same time offering the finest products available today, we are also committed to delivering superior service. 
Our highly trained, dedicated team members strive for excellence every day.
Our goal is to ensure each transaction is conducted smoothly and each and every client satisfied with their total purchasing experience.










Aayers Floors mission is to provide high quality wood flooring that both the customer and employees can take pride in.
We strive to uphold our reputation as wood flooring experts on the cutting edge, while providing value in our products and service.
Our basic values are 
Continuous Learning and Evolving
Based on these values, our goal is to find new and better ways to meet our customers' needs and exceed their expectations.
Aayers artisan’s exceptional attention to detail, make each one of our hardwood collection a reflection of your own vision and style.
With every floor design, we begin by selecting a wood species best suited to enhance and accentuate the inherent personality and natural character of the wood grain.
This process is essential to ensure its beauty and distinction will prevail in the final piece. 
At Aayers, we are passionate to provide the finest in hardwood flooring. We create a timeless hardwood masterpiece... just for you.









Safety & Sustainability
Aayers Floors is dedicated to practicing sustainable forest management, helping preserve today's forests for the future. Our floors are made using less raw harvested wood materials than other floors.
We provide sustainable products by acquiring raw materials from ecologically well-managed forests and suppliers.
At Aayers, we are committed to more than just better quality of life. We are taking concrete steps to care for the environment, our society, and the economy. 
The Lacey Act (16 U.S.C.3371-3378) is a conservation law introduced by Iowa Rep. John F. Lacey.
Protecting both plants and wildlife by creating civil and criminal penalties for a wide array of violations, the Act most notably prohibits trade in wildlife, fish, and plants that have been illegally taken, transported or sold.
All Aayers products are Lacey Act Compliant. 
CARB II is the California Air Resource Board’s newest emission standard for formaldehyde exposure in composite wood products.The first phase (CARB I) took effect on January 1, 2009. After the induction of CARB I, the California Air Resource Board decided to make emission standards more strict in the state. At January 1, 2011, the second phase CARB II took effect. 
Aayers Floors assures that all our products are CARB II compliant and meet or exceed all environmental, health and safety requirements.
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