Caring for Your Floor
Your hardwood floors are factory finished with a durable finish, but the consumer must follow some simple care and maintenance procedures to keep the floor looking its best and help to protect it from unnecessary wear and damage.
1- Sweep or vacuum the floor (with an appropriate broom or vacuum attachment )regularly to keep it clean and free of dirt oil, dust ,grit ,sand and other abrasive and foreign materials.
2- Place area rugs or doormats at entryways to help prevent sand, grit oils, dirt and other abrasive or staining materials from being tracked onto the floor surface from outdoors. Avoid rubber-backed or similarly dense matting materials that may trap moisture between the mat and floor; choose mats that enable airflow instead and do not discolor the floor.
3- Place protective mats at high-use work areas such as sinks, ranges and workstations.
4- Protect the floor from any exposure to liquids, water and other forms of moisture .Blot up any spilled food, drink, or other liquid immediately.
5- Never wet mop the floor when cleaning. The floor finish is not waterproofing.
6- Avoid walking on the floor with wet feet or footwear.
7- Use a damp-not wet-and clean cloth to wipe up spills or spots as soon as they happen. If such cleaning does not remove the stain, then contact flooring professional to determine if and how such stain may be treated.
8- Hardwood flooring will naturally undergo a change in color as it adjusts to the ambient light conditions of your home environment.  The degree of color change varies by species. To ensure a uniform change, it is recommended that you do not place area rugs on the new floor for sixty days after installation. Thereafter, periodic re-arrangement of furniture and area rugs will help ensure that your flooring colors evenly.
9- Install felt pads on the feet of all furniture and accessories that will be places directly onto the floor surface 
10- Avoid letting sharp or pointed objects come into contact with the floor surface. Do not walk on the floor with high-heeled shoes, sports cleats, or other types of footwear, which may damage the finish or cause indentations to the surface.
11- Pet’s nails will scratch and mark the floor surface. Keep pets’ nails trimmed to minimize damage to the surface.
12- Do not drag, push or roll appliances, furniture or any heavy object across the floor. Use heavy-duty moving mats, dollies or other moving aids to protect the floor surface.