Internet Policy
At Aayers Premium Hardwood Floors, we are committed to manufacturing the finest hardwood flooring selections available.
We believe consumers should utilize every resource available to assist with their selection of Aayers Hardwood Floors products. 
Aayers Premium Hardwood Floors is proud to offer affordable wood flooring products of the highest quality standards with superior customer service.
In order to maintain our high standards of both quality products and service, Aayers Floors products are sold exclusively through a network of authorized dealers.
We recommend that you take the time to visit your local authorized Aayers Floors retailer for the best possible service experience before, during and after your purchase. 
Professional installation and service from an authorized Aayers Floor dealer will go a long way toward ensuring the long-term quality of your new floor as well as your satisfaction.
Several issues arise when a consumer forgoes purchasing from a local dealer. The main cause of a legitimate claim in the flooring industry is installation related. When a consumer purchases from an out-of-state dealer they found online, they will have to use an unauthorized local installer to put in the floor. Very often, installation problems do not become evident for several years and Aayers Floors will only investigate claims that have been inspected by the authorized seller. 
This proves to be difficult when flooring is purchased and shipped from a different state.
Authorized Aayers Floors Dealers stand behind your Aayers Floors Flooring purchase and its expert installation for the full warranty period.
An unfortunate problem that has arisen from our industry is the introduction of counterfeit products, which are usually marketed online. While the wood may look like Aayers Floors, several shortcuts in quality are taken in order to provide a less expensive product than our own finest quality floors.
Due to these reasons as well as other unforeseeable circumstances involving online sales, a Aayers Floors Warranty cannot be honored if the Aayers Floors product has not been installed by the local authorized dealer’s installer.
Aayers Floors Hardwood Floors will not honor warranty claims without prior inspection of the floor by an owner or direct employee of the original retailer and provide proof of purchase from a local authorized wholesaler, indicating that the material purchased was first quality Aayers Floors product. 
Should the retailer be unable to resolve the warranty issue a follow-up must be scheduled with the local authorized distributor and the installation professional who installed the floor. 
A floor installed by the homeowner is still eligible for full warranty protection but is held to the same standards of installation expected from a professional installer and to fully follow product installation instructions.
In the event of D.I.Y homeowner installation, the selling dealer is responsible for provided initial warranty service call. Aayers Floors will not accept a report from an independent inspector or independent installer as a substitute for the original dealer owner or dealer employee inspection.
Authorized Aayers Floors Dealers have the expertise to advise and educate consumers considering a Aayers Floors purchase.
Authorized Aayers Floors Dealers have the ability to evaluate the needs of each consumer, present potential flooring options from our range of hardwood floor product lines and wood floor collections with floor samples that better reflect their color and character than that of internet floor images and graphics.
Our goal is to ensure that Aayers Floors consumers receive the highest quality wood product and expert support.