Radiant Heat
Radiant Heat
  • Radiant Heat Applications

    Aayers Hardwoods Flooring Collections is an exceptional choice for installation over hydronic radiant heat systems.

    By adopting CARB II compliant plywood and Made in Germany internal glue system, our high-quality engineered flooring systems are very dimensionally stable as opposed to solid hardwood, and is thus ideal in radiant heat applications.
    To get the maximum performance of your flooring installing with radiant heat systems.
  • Radiant heat systems
    Hydronic radiant heat is a system that uses warm water driven through a tube network. Energy is released to warm the room and cool water returned to the boiler to be reheated.

    In-floor heating systems must be water based, and designed to prevent the surface temperature of the hardwood floor from exceeding 85F. A fail-safe system should be included to ensure this.